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Núcleo de Garagem is a collective of dance artists with an interest in investigating the urban space as an environment for creating and artistic residencies. It aims at researching ways of connecting networks and seeking strategies to enable artistic creation in addition to those spaces already sanctioned and thus rethink the production, circulation and creation of contemporary dance in different places andcontexts. Experiments in dwelling within boundaries between private/ public, inside/outside, Núcleo de Garagem investigates situations that engage the city with a poetic practice.

The Núcleo de Garagem has an interest in topics such as shared information, self-organization, hacking and profanity as a theory/practice field of the dance and performance.

Artists: Camila Venturelli, Isabel Reis, Josefa Pereira, Julia Salem, Luciana Arcuri and Peti Costa. 

Amstedarm P.jpg

Travèssa - FLAM/Amsterdam - 2013

Pinheiros Nucleo23.jpg

Travèssa - Lgo da Batata - São Paulo - 2012


Travèssa - Garagem da Jo/São Paulo - 2011


Travèssa - Mostra Tudo Para Rua/São Paulo - 2012

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